Sean Haleen & Stacey Rosenberg

200-Hour Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training

Sean Haleen & Stacey Rosenberg

200-Hour Alignment Based
Yoga Teacher Training

In order to teach something one must have a deep knowledge of it. In order to teach yoga, one must be so steeped in the practice that it becomes more than mental knowledge, but truly an embodied wisdom.

In this 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program Sean and Stacey will take you on a 12-month journey to unpack the physical practice, unravel the different philosophical tenants, and dive into the study and practice of yoga.

We will begin by giving you a chance to gain a deep knowledge of the human body and the practice of yoga. Immerse yourself in anatomy and bio-mechanics, asana, pranayama, and yoga philosophy. Honor this time to truly be a student and practice.

The second component of this training is to learn the art of teaching. We will cover teaching methodology, sequencing, assists, verbal skills, and more to help you acquire the skills necessary to offer your knowledge to others.

Combined, Sean and Stacey have taught over 30 teacher trainings and have decades of teaching experience. They’re thrilled to be coming together to meet students where they’re at and help them grow and flourish!